Impact driven scholar-practitioner
Lagos, Nigeria
Impact driven scholar-practitioner: Finance, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Climate Change. Dedicated to making finance and innovation serve the society
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Meet Oluwaseun
Oluwaseun is an impact driven scholar-practitioner with postgraduate degrees in Finance and Environmental Resources Management. His research is at the crossroad between sustainable finance, transition to climate resilient low-carbon economy, and commercialization of science for common good. He was personally trained by Former US Vice President Al Gore and his Climate Reality Project to educate and motivate people on climate emergency. All his activities are ultimately aimed at achieving sustainable development and livelihoods in our resource-constrained planet.

My research papers
Oguntuase O J, Academic Entrepreneurship, Bioeconomy, and Sustainable Development. Handbook of Research on Approaches to Alternative Entrepreneurship Opportunities, Pages: 32-57. doi: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1981-3.ch003
Oguntuase O J, Bioeconomy for Sustainable Development in Africa – State of Production Determinants and Future Directions. Economic and Regional Studies / Studia Ekonomiczne i Regionalne, Vol: 13, Pages: 1-14. doi: 10.2478/ers-2020-0001
Leveraging Banking Regulation for Climate Mitigation: Approaches and Tools.
Greening banking regulation for financial stability in Nigeria - A survey.
Climate change as financial risk: a survey of bank employees’ perception in Nigeria.
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